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We’ll help you on your journey to embrace the digital age and grow your business online.



We build simple WordPress-templated websites customized to fit your brand. We'll also teach you about SEO, Google Analytics, and website best practices.

How we make fantastic websites

We create engaging, creative content - anything from writing webpage blurbs and blog posts to taking high quality photographs for your website.

How we work content magic

We use social media to find and engage your target audience, attract loyal new customers, and expand awareness of your business online.

How we supercharge social media

Please contact us today for a custom quote on your project!


Our name reflects our love of working outdoors in different locations, helping businesses grow online. Aldesko is a play on alfresco. We like our working like our dining – out in the open where there’s light and inspiration.


Our mission is to build simple websites, create engaging content, and generate buzz on social media to help great businesses reach the right people. Whether we’re currently stationed on a Thai island or in the Australian Outback, wherever we lay our laptops, that’s our desk.


We met in Australia and bonded over a mutual love of online marketing and travel. We decided to join forces to utilise our complimentary digital skills. Now, we’re a nomadic one-stop shop for businesses looking to boost their online presence.


We understand that websites and social media can be overwhelming, but we can help you on your journey to embrace the digital age, get online and grow your business. We’ll help to build your web presence and give you the tools you need to maintain it over time.

digital marketing company
digital marketing company


Lindsay is the Website Wizard. She studied Information Science at Cornell University and has spent the bulk of her professional life in New York City working with start-ups and pursuing photography & travel writing.


Anna is the Social Media Maverick. She studied Sociology at Loughborough University and has a decade of global marketing & communications experience. She’s passionate about sustainability and innovation.



If you’re a small business owner looking to get found online, we’d love to hear your story!

Send us an email at or fill out our contact form today.