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Captivate Digital

  • Blog writing services
  • Web design services
  • Web design services
  • Web design services
  • Web design services
  • Web design services
Blog, SEO, Website
About This Project

Web Design and Copywriting for Captivate Digital

Captivate Digital is a brand new full service digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia. They provide an array of digital marketing services, including website design, SEO, copywriting, printing, photography, and branding.


What We Did

  • Web Design:¬†We were hired primarily to design the new Captivate Digital website. Though they are a digital marketing agency similar to ours and also offer web design services, they wanted someone else to create a website quickly for their company while they focused on getting their business off the ground.
  • Blogging: We were commissioned to write several blog posts pertaining to the digital marketing services they offer (e.g. SEO, blogging, websites).
  • SEO: We employed SEO best practices when building their website and writing their page content and blog posts (e.g. incorporating keywords in URLs, tags, and paragraph text; internal linking; sitemap creation).